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DOLLY, by Lisa Innis and John Eastman


Dr. Liran Tzipory is the best!!

Our Rottweiler had appeared healthy until she was 16 months old; we were shocked to find her limp and unresponsive one morning, and rushed her to the local animal hospital where she coded and had to be revived with CPR. We were devastated and thought that Dolly’s situation was hopeless. It was then that we met Dr. Tzipory! He explained that our girl had congenital hydrocephalus and showed us the MRI of her brain which, he gently explained, was 95% filled with spinal fluid. With his guidance, we opted to give her a chance at life. This incredibly skilled neurosurgeon successfully performed surgery to insert a shunt into Dolly’s brain and also did several needle extractions of fluid to boost her chances at recovery. 


Dr. Tzipory not only saved Dolly’s life, but treated us with the utmost kindness and compassion from day one throughout her recovery. There are no words to accurately convey our gratitude for everything he did for us and our Dolly. He is a wonderful doctor as well as an amazing person. The pets of Northern Colorado are in good hands!




Dolly in the snow after surgery