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Birela, the sweet sweet dachshund! 

Birela, a 5 ½ year old female Dachshund, presented to Veterinary Neurology of Northern Colorado in January 2016, with an acute-onset inability to walk (Paraplegia) and back pain. In the neurological work-up including an MRI, a herniated disc was diagnosed in the lumbar region of her back. Birela had decompression surgery. The herniated disc material was removed away from the spinal cord. This surgical procedure is called a Hemilaminectomy. Fenestrations of the adjacent discs were done as well (fenestration is a preventative procedure to minimize the possibility of future disc herniation). Birela was hospitalized for a few days to monitor neurologic status and pain management. After 4 days in the hospital and around the clock nursing care, she was able to go home with her family. With rest, physiotherapy, and close monitoring of Birela’s status, the surgery to repair the herniated disc was a great success! 10 days post-surgery and she is able to walk on her own, and is back to her happy Dachshund antics!